On Moral Victories


Rumblings that the Wolves loss was a ‘good loss’, a high-character loss, or what have you, started appearing on Twitter. See, the Clippers won but they didn’t deserve it. As all things Internet go, an ensuing counter-argument developed: In essence, the team that outscores the other team is the winner. No exceptions. Continue Reading


The Hidden Meaning Behind Hack-a-Dwight


It takes guts for a group of NBA players to say, “we don’t even know what you or your team are about to do, but we sure as hell don’t want to find out.” More importantly, it takes a player with gravitas to elicit such vulnerability. Continue Reading


The King and Lionheart


Carter-Williams electrified a Philadelphia 76ers crowd—one that’s still confident their team’s plateau is 16 wins— to the tune of four treys, 12 assists and one solitary turnover. He also broke the record for most steals in a debut game with an alarming nine. You know, just for good measure. Continue Reading