Whoa! I Didn’t Know A Horse Could Go That High

Evans probably would have secured the achievement whether he was permitted to chase it or not. With a player that talented and that crucial to a franchise’s future, the game should have been about winning the game and nothing else.… Continue Reading

NBA PLAYOFFS: Quick Post: The preferred matchups

There’s a ton of ways the Playoffs could end up seeded, still, and by tonight we SHOULD know a lot more. Here’s what is set in stone: (1) Lakers vs. (8) Thunder (2) Magic vs. (7) Bobcats Everything else is… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Cake: I Am Smarter Than Zach Harper And Jared Wade (Or “The Thunder Are Good. Duh.”)

Oh, foolish boys. How you should know better. You see, rounds about November of this year, the Thunder looked pretty good! You were seeing some of the things that got them to where they are now. I felt really good… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs: Be They Horsemen Or Mere Messengers?

First off: ROTFLMAO. Okay, now that we’ve got late 90’s AIM chat words out of the way, let’s talk Dallas. Did you know the Mavs are 14-11 against the top ten teams in Net Points? That’s a pretty good number.… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs: In Which I Make A Completely Absurd Argument For The Fun Of It

One of the things Greg Popovich has talked about extensively is the imperative of avoiding that eighth seed, of not ending up in a tussle with LA in the first round. It’s a fairly easy idea. Try and avoid the… Continue Reading