“If Anything, It Was A Little Wink, And A Nod, and a ‘How About Them Apples?'”

We recorded on my birthday, which normally we wouldn’t do, but we felt obligated to bang out an episode with the recent pictures of Greg Oden being revealed and Paul Shirley showing just how much of a jerk he is. Let’s get down to business. Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

– Greg Oden’s manhood is displayed on the internet when I least suspected it. Don’t take your eye off the internet.

via Weekly Fix Podcast: Episode 76.

Imagine we were no longer an ESPN-affiliate.

This profoundly NSFW podcast is what we would want to produce for a podcast. Graydon and I are Indiana small-county public radio partyline compared to this. Worth a listen, from our own Zach Harper.