This Week in Basketball eBay: Boomshakalaka!

In this weekly series, David Vertsberger scours the world of basketball memorabilia being sold on eBay and elsewhere the internet to bring you the very best of the bunch. What does “the best” mean here, exactly? It could be an item that’s the weirdest, rarest, coolest or has insanely good value. Why are these gems being presented for all to see? Because these items are ones basketball fans can appreciate, and perhaps even purchase so David Versberger stops deducting hundreds from his college fund.


Price: $30 (Buy it now)

Shipping: $15


I’ll be honest: I’m not rally sure what you could do with this. Makes for some amazing, though expensive, dorm room or man-cave decor I suppose. NBA JAM was a legendary arcade game, heralded by NBA fans who were around for the 90’s, unlike myself. (Ed. Note: Damn, you young.) Buying the actual original game equates to paying for a semester of in-state tuition, so I had to settle for featuring the arcade machine header thing.

Item two: Authentic-Champion-SEATTLE-SONICS-Replica-Shooting-Shirt-Vintage-Mens-S-36-NBA

Starting bid: $22 (0 bids, ends September 9th)

Shipping: $3.76


I love, love, LOVE shooting shirts. Especially throwback ones. They’re great to make yourself stand out when casually shooting around or just wearing out throughout the day. Extra points for this posting because it’s Sonics gear. You really can’t go wrong with the green and yellow. Please buy this before I do.

Item three: Vintage Indiana Pacers Jonathon Bender Bobblehead Bobble Head Doll Pepsi SGA

Price: $12.99 (Buy it now)

Starting bid: $9.99 (0 bids, ends September 8th)

Shipping: $6.99


Dear eBay user,

It says “Jonathan” ON THE DANG BOBBLEHEAD. IT’S THERE. How do you list this gem as “Jonothon” when his name is printed pretty clearly on the bobblehead. On. The. Bobblehead.


Well anyway, this item has a great story behind it for anyone interested. Whether it be by your co-workers or roommates, if you get asked about this piece of memorabilia, be sure to share the tale of Jonathan Bender, NBA bust who instead of fading into obscurity, or worse, launched a career in sports training solutions and is making an impact today.

Also mention that one time when he was a New York Knick.

Item four: Vintage Nutmeg Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Crewneck Sweatshirt M

Price: $19.99 (Buy it now/Best offer)

Shipping: $5


For this column, I like to try and avoid simply “great” items and go for the extremely funky, weird, rare, etc. But in this case, I made a bit of an exception. This sweatshirt is like the Gordon Hayward of basketball eBay, is good in many areas but isn’t superb in any. It’s a throwback, a good deal, stylish, but not so much of a can’t miss item. Still, I’d love to see myself in this, and I’m sure most of you would as well.

Item five: House of David 1934-35 Throwback Basketball Jersey Stall & Dean – NWT

Price: $35 (Buy it now)

Free shipping

house of david

Wow. Wow wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. This is an all-timer folks. A basketball jersey that only costs $35, from the freaking 1930’s! A history lesson, courtesy of Free Darko Presents: The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History:

“By far the weirdest weirdos on the already very weird barnstorming circuit, the Israelite House of David (not Jewish) was a religious commune in Michigan that fielded a semipro basketball team in addition to its more famous semipro baseball team. Required to refrain from sex, haircuts, shaving, and eating meat, the House of David players all sported full beards and flowing locks and were often billed as the Bearded Aces.”

The jersey of a great early pro team known for being nutty that’s cheap? Sign me up.

David Vertsberger

David Vertsberger cares a little too much about basketball topics that few others discuss and basketball in general, probably. He also runs Brooklyn's Finest of ESPN's Truehoop Network and can be followed on Twitter at @_Verts.

  • John hooks

    Weak.who the hell would want to buy a Seattle jersey.they don’t even have an nba team.hahaha