PHOTO: Matt Bonner is an Arsenal F.C. fan because he used to make fun of a teammate

Matt Bonner showing off. Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs shooter, Matt Bonner is known for not being just a basketball player. From enjoying delicious sandwiches, bumping indie music tunes, and driving fancy Chevy’s, Bonner has always separated himself from your typical run of the mill NBA player. So it makes sense that he would take a selfie decked out in Arsenal soccer gear at an Arsenal soccer match:

There are several other NBA players who have shown their support of an European soccer team but what makes Bonner’s fandom unique is that he basically is an Arsenal fan just to spite a teammate. From a Matt Bonner fan mailbag on this site back in March:

From Amil Delic: With all of the international players on the Spurs, have you gotten into soccer? 

I’m not saying there aren’t numerous sports I like more than soccer (ie basketball, football, curling, etc), but I am a fan… I don’t care what Chuck Klosterman thinks.  I’ve been to multiple Toronto FC “matches” (that’s what soccer games are called using soccer jargon) and first got into the sport back in 2003 when I played in Italy for the year.  Italy is obsessed with soccer and it was virutally ubiquitous.

Like a true American, I fought hard to maintain my disgust for what I perceived at the time as a wimpy and boring game.  But, after hundreds of hours of watching matches (it was the only thing on TV I could understand with the exception of snooker), it started to grow on me.

I ended up adopting Arsenal as my team (for the sole purpose of busting the chops of my British teammate who was a diehard Manchester United fan) and have been following them and Toronto FC ever since.

It all started out with just busting chops but now Bonner is a full fledged fan, buying merch and attending games. Jokes really do change lives.


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