7 crazy but absolutely true facts about the upcoming NBA season

Aug 18, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer at fan fest at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To help you get ready for the upcoming NBA season, here are 7 crazy but absolutely true facts.


  1. There is a team from Canada.

You see National Basketball Association and think to yourself, “hey, national means ‘of or relating to an entire nation or country’ according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, so all the teams must be in the United States. Nope, turns out there’s one in Canada. They’re called the Toronto Raptors. Crazy, but true.


  1. Players are allowed to dunk.

A lot of times the act of playing basketball is referred to as shooting hoops. So it might seem weird that you don’t always have to shoot the ball to score points, but it’s true. If players can jump high enough, they’re allowed to do dunks, which is where they slam the ball through the hoop from very close range.


  1. Shots behind the arc are worth three points.

Wait, not all shots are worth the same amount? Correct. Check out a basketball court and you’ll see an arc shaped line about 20 something feet (I’d look up the exact distance but let’s be honest, you don’t care.) away from the hoop. If a player makes a shot from behind that line, they’ll earn their team three points.


  1. All teams will play 82 regular season games.

Every single team—all thirty of them—will play a full 82 game regular season schedule. Seems crazy, right? Well it is. I don’t know how they do it, but every year somehow they figure it out so all the teams play exactly 82 games. You’d think at least once in a while they’d make a mistake and some teams would only end up with 81 or something, but they don’t.


  1. Each team is only allowed five players on the court at one time.

Despite carrying over a dozen players, teams are only allowed to use five of them at one time. It might seem unfair and too crazy to be true at first, but watch opening night this year and each team will only send out five guys onto the court at a time.


  1. The eight teams in each conference with the most wins at the end of the season will advance to the playoffs.

You’re probably thinking, “hey, what’s the point with all these games?” Well here’s something crazy and true: the point of all those games is to see who makes the playoffs. After every team has played 82 games, they take the eight from each conference with the most wins and those teams advance to the playoffs.


  1. Wins will be determined by which team has the most points at the end of the game.

Okay, so how do they figure out who wins each game? Here’s the thing: at the end of each game, they see who has the most points, and that team is declared the winner. Trust me, it’s true.


Hope you enjoyed these crazy but absolutely true facts about the upcoming NBA season. Check in next time for thirteen insane things you never knew about the Memphis Grizzlies’ logo.

Jack Maloney