This Week in Basketball eBay: 1998 Finals Pin

In this weekly series, David Vertsberger scours the world of basketball memorabilia being sold on eBay and elsewhere the internet to bring you the very best of the bunch. What does “the best” mean here, exactly? It could be an item that’s the weirdest, rarest, coolest or has insanely good value. Why are these gems being presented for all to see? Because these items are ones basketball fans can appreciate, and perhaps even purchase so David Versberger stops deducting hundreds from his college fund.

Item one: 1998 NBA FINALS ~ Bulls / Jazz NBC SPORTS MEDIA PRESS PIN Vintage Dead Stock NEW

Price: $9.99 (Buy it now)

Shipping: $1.95


As I was collecting items for this post, my roommate caught me checking this pin out and without hesitation said, “I WANT THAT.”

And how could he not? I’m not one for pins, but this one’s pretty great. The NBA hasn’t been on NBC since 2002, and 1998 was Michael Jordan’s final year as the league’s best talent. There are only four of these pins available by this seller, so I’d suggest jumping on this.

Item two: Nike-Jordan-Bulls-Bullets-XXL-52

Price: $162.50 (Buy it now)

Starting bid: $125 (0 bids, ends September 2nd)

Shipping: $5


Speaking of Jordan. I… Uh… Hmm… WHAT.

Honestly not sure how to feel about this one. Given the chance, I’m not even sure I’d buy it. It’s just so incredibly strange. A crossover between Jordan’s Bulls and Wizards jerseys. Only it’s a Bullets jersey and not a Wizards jersey. How this comes to be is beyond me. Enjoy the uniqueness, I guess.

Item three: 1992 Magic Johnson Gold Rush Olympic basketball shirt Michael Jordan NBA USA L

Starting bid: $19.99 (0 bids, ends September 2nd)

Free shipping!


This shirt is magnificent. Not really sure if there’s anything else to say about it. The sketch artist look, the choice of colors, the “Gold Rush” slogan… This shirt is perfect. Please buy it before I spend a ludicrous amount of cash on it.

Item four: Wilt-Chamberlain-autagraphed-100-point-newspaper-article

Starting bid: $99.99 (0 bids, ends September 1st)


This one’s a real gem.

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a game tops the list of unbreakable records in sports, and what better way to commemorate that than with an autographed newspaper clipping documenting the feat that can’t be seen on film? I love to share goofy items in these columns, ones that are sarcastically labeled rare must-have memorabilia, but this one’s actually something a basketball fan can be extremely proud to have hanging on their wall.

And yet, I saved the very best for last.

Item five: Ricky-Davis-Boston-Celtics-Hat-Authentic-Autograph

Price: $8 (Buy it now)

Shipping: $3.50


I had a mini freak out when I stumbled across this… this… art.

Put a Ricky Davis autograph on anything and you’ve already got a 5/10 piece of sports history. Put it on Celtics gear, 9/10. Celtics gear that you can wear on your head for all to see? AND it’s only eight bucks?!

I can probably stop writing this piece here, since you’ve already clicked the link above to buy this thing. I don’t blame you. I had to refrain myself from doing the same. It wasn’t easy.

David Vertsberger

David Vertsberger cares a little too much about basketball topics that few others discuss and basketball in general, probably. He also runs Brooklyn's Finest of ESPN's Truehoop Network and can be followed on Twitter at @_Verts.