PHOTO: Damian Lillard is wearing a headband next season which makes Wes Matthews laugh

Damian Lillard’s headband-less head. Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Not your typical breaking NBA news story but Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard has decided to look a bit more fashionable this upcoming season by wearing a headband:

I’m bringing it back this season… Back to my original Oakland swag…[email protected]@willthethrillb5 what y’all think? What color thrill? Lol


This is not the first time that Lillard has wore a headband as back in 2013 he wore one during NBA Green Week:

After Lillard’s tweet, Ronnie 2K confirmed that NBA2K15 would be updated to reflect this change:

By wearing a headband, Lillard would be entering the storied history of headband wearing Trailblazers players. This history may have been at its apex in 2008, when Damon Stoudamire, Brian Grant and Bonzi Wells collaborated on a rap called “Can I Get A Headband?”:

Perhaps hoping to make an updated version of “Can I Get A Heabdand?”, Lillard reached out to the headband wearing Mo Williams and Will Barton on Instagram. So far they haven’t responded but his teammate Wes Matthews did chime in with his thoughts:

You can’t impress everyone Damian.

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    Looks like Bill Walton to me!