VIDEO: Minnesota fans “burn” Kevin Love’s jersey

When LeBron James left the Cavs in 2010, fans burned his jersey in anger. When LeBron decided to go back to Cleveland earlier this summer, Miami Heat fans were amicable but a Miami Heat mural with James got vandalized, and there were some fans who burned his jersey.

Now that all of the rumors have become substantiated and Kevin Love will be joining the Cavs, how are Timberwolves’ fans reacting to Love forcing the issue and demanding a trade? Well, they are acting down right Minnesotan:

This video created by Minneapolis comedian, Mike Brody, showcases the concept of Minnesota Nice, which from Wikipedia means:

Minnesota nice is the stereotypical behavior of people born and raised in Minnesota to be courteous, reserved, and mild-mannered. The cultural characteristics of Minnesota nice include a polite friendliness, an aversion to confrontation, a tendency toward understatement, a disinclination to make a fuss or stand out, emotional restraint, and self-deprecation

Love may be putting his foot down and forcing his way out but it seems like Minnesota is happy for him. You could even say that Love will always be loved in Minnesota.

(H/T: reddit)

Ananth Pandian

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