VIDEO: Michael Jordan once shot on 9 different basketball hoops in a Japanese competition

Michael Jordan outcha spending that hard earned Yen. Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2000, Michael Jordan was a part owner of the Washington Wizards and only a year later, after drafting Kwame Brown with the number one overall pick, Jordan would come out of retirement (again) to play for those very same Wizards. Jordan’s competitive fire has been well documented and that may be one reason why he came out of retirement in 2001. Jordan also never stopped training, as evidenced by this 2000 Japanese YouTube clip that shows him competing in two shooting games that involves nine different hoops:

In all Airness describes the difference between the two shooting games:

Jordan is playing a game called 9 Hoops II & 9 Hoops Hide. At first glance, it seems the challenge has been designed by an evil basketball-genius. A competitor has 12 attempts to make nine baskets. At the 9 Hoops II-end of the court, Jordan is confronted by 9 separate basketball hoops – a majority are moving targets; horizontally or vertically. At the 9 Hoops Hide-end of the court, a more devious setup awaits. Three rows of three hoops, strategically-staggered at wildly-varied heights.

As mentioned yesterday, Jordan and a host of other Nike sponsored basketball players, traveled to Japan in 1996 to take part in a series of Nike hosted basketball events called “Hoop Heros.” Besides the basketball game involving Sumo Wrestlers, as shown in the flashback in the video above, one of the other “Hoop Heroes” events involved Jordan and Charles Barkley competing in an earlier version of 9 Hoops. This 2000 9 Hoops competition for some reason took place in Los Angeles with no real fans in attendance and without Nike’s backing as Jordan is not wearing anything that clearly shows Nike’s logo. The whole event just seems to be a money thing for Jordan as he is earning Yen every time he makes a shot.

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of information surrounding this clip, so just do the Jordan shrug and be impressed by Jordan’s shooting ability.

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