Random player YouTube vault: Joel Freeland edition

Nov 27, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns forward Marcus Morris (15) is blocks by Portland Trail Blazers center Joel Freeland (19) in the first half at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the most difficult part about being a #content creator is coming up with ideas. You’ll go on a nice run and then for a few days you can’t come up with anything and it’s the worst. Low key one of the biggest things that separates those who’ve made it and those who haven’t is that ability to be creative and keep coming up with ideas. There are plenty of people who can write some words if you give them a prompt, but coming up with that prompt on your own can be tricky—even more so when there’s no actual basketball going on.

Lucky for me—and all of you—I’m on a bit of hot streak. Here’s my latest ploy to get clicks idea. Remember the other day when I told you about texting Sean Highkin and asking him to reply with a random player and then writing about said player, who happened to be Nate Wolters? Well I came up with a similar idea.

This time I hit up Twitter dot com for the name of another player. The first reply: Joel Freeland. Damnit. You guys can never make this easy for me, huh? This time, however, the plan was not to write about Joel Freeland, but rather to search YouTube for the most important Joel Freeland videos.

I proudly present the random player YouTube vault: Joel Freeland edition. Come along on the journey.


Just the facts, but do you careeeeee? Do you care that Joel Freeland’s nickname is “The British Bulldog”? Well no, probably not, but yeah, I guess it’s true. Pretty crazy that he made the transition from WWF to the NBA.


Next we have Joel Freeland unsuccessfully attempting to rainbow flick a basketball into the basket. Stick to basketball you bum! Haha amirite? (Stay until the end for bonus footage of Myers Leonard juggling the ball with his head.)


This was aweso… oh wait, oh man this is Joel getting dunked on. Damn. Just skip over this one actually, it’s pretty lame.


#NeverForget the time Joel got into it with Andrew Bogut which incited a fracas between the Blazers and the Warriors. (Let’s be honest you forgot about this and will forget about it again in like a few hours.)


Check out this nice video in which “US Stars welcome Joel Freeland to NBA” by having no idea who he is.


“Woooooooo, that was nastyyyy!”


“As you guys saw, it was a really intense game. Everyone was really into it, us on the sidelines—me, pretty much most of the game on the sideline, really.” Hahaha awesome.


Low key stealing this celebration for when I’m back at school playing pick up with my buddy Scuz and one of us hits a three.


Damn this dunk was sick but turns out it’s from a video game.


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god a Joel Freeland tribute video set to “Roll Up” by Wiz Khalifa. This is the weirdest thing of all time.


This interview in which Joel talks about growing up in England and getting drafted is actually pretty interesting. And also set to some fairly dramatic music.




Very solid Freeland mixtape from his time in Spain but just do yourself a favor and mute this video cause the music is super wack—like a top five worst song I’ve ever heard.


Get that weak stuff out of here, Leon Powe. Yeah, Freeland played Summer League ball with Leon Powe in 2007 apparently.


All right, well that’s pretty much all I got. There were a bunch more interviews but they were all in Spanish and I only understood about half of what was said, so yeah. Anyways, maybe this time next year we can revisit the Joel Freeland YouTube vault and find a few more highlights.

Jack Maloney