A Kid Asks Dwyane Wade At His Basketball Camp Why He Flops All The Time

Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade is a flopper, there’s no secret about it. Not just that, though, he’s really good at it. Seriously. Just cast your mind back to this mesmerising exchange between himself and Manu Ginobili from the NBA Finals that just passed.

Although flopping is the worst, there’s no wonder why players like Wade do it. The fines for it aren’t that terrible considering the amount of money they make on a yearly basis, and the payoff is pretty good. In the case above, the Heat were facing a 1-0 deficit in the series, the game was close, Dwyane Wade got two free throws out of it, Manu Ginobili picked up a foul, and, for all we knew at the time, that tiny sequence could’ve changed the complexion of the entire game and series. It didn’t, but whatever.

Nevertheless, with all that in mind, flopping just isn’t cool. It’s trickery. And although it’s pretty clear why players commit the crime, it didn’t stop one kid from asking Dwyane Wade why he does it all the time at his camp.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like Dwyane Wade gave him a very good answer. But nice try, kiddo. It nearly got you kicked out the camp, but it sounds like it was worth it.

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Scott Rafferty

  • Monrovia, CA

    A man who flops regularly, and does it reflexively, as Wade did in the Ginobili incident, has a moral compass that does not point north. He’s simply a cheater. How do you fess up to a young kid who so publicly calls you out for cheating? You make a joke and don’t answer the question.