Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak owns a Lakers guitar (Photos)

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak can play a sweet guitar riff on his Lakers guitar. Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angles Lakers finalized deals to bring back guard Nick Young and Ryan Kelly yesterday. The team took to Twitter to announce the news along with pictures of Young and Kelly signing their new contract:


If you look closely at both pictures, you should notice what looks like a Lakers guitar leaned against the wall of Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak’s office. Lakers fans were quick to spot the guitar and wondered how they could get their hands on it:



The Lakers twitter account didn’t respond to these tweets,  probably because Kupchak received the guitar as a gift back in 2010 from custom guitar design company, Musical Harvest. Their website describes the guitar:

No not just a guitar, it’s a work of art!  The LAKERS purple and gold is laid up on a lightweight, low profile maple body with a high gloss finish, and features polished chrome hardware.  But there’s more!  Each LAKERS championship season is embossed on the frets.   “It’s our best work so far!” says Doug Ranno of Musical Harvest, custom guitars. The six string electric guitar was a special gift for Mitch Kupchak General Manager of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Musical Harvest’s website and Facebook page have better pictures of the guitar:
If Kupchak is looking to form a band using his Lakers guitar, he is in luck. The Lakers have a shooting guard that can also play the piano:

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