Want to drink “The Woody” and own “The Woodson Jacket”? Go to Mike Woodson’s Vegas Golf Tournament

Mike Woodson wonders which club to use. Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Summer League is now days away from coming to an end but this doesn’t signal the end of all NBA-based events happening in Vegas. On Sunday, July 20, Mike Woodson, the new assistant coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, is kicking off an inaugural golf tournament, the Coach Woodson Las Vegas Invitational. Woodson started golfing while a senior at Indiana University and  has fell in love with the game, telling GolfStyles Magazine:

“Basketball has always been my love and joy, but I started playing golf back in 1987 or 1988, and I think it is the greatest game ever. In my second life, I would love to come back as a golfer. It’s a mental game. It’s a competitive game. It’s a beautiful game, and I love everything golf has to offer.”


So what exactly is Woodson’s invitational about? As a press release explains, Woodson mainly started the invitational to do something special for his friends:

“My Las Vegas Invitational will be the premier summer destination for leaders in sports and entertainment,” said Woodson. “My closest friends are all in one city during NBA Summer League, so I wanted to do something special.” The three-day experience will take over Nevada’s only triple Forbes Five Star resort, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, and will commence with a Sunday wine tasting and private dinner. Woodson will host an exclusive evening party at the alluring 23rd floor Mandarin Bar, where vocal sensation Brian McKnight will perform live. Sadekar and ESPN’s Jay Harris will introduce celebrity guests and announce golf tournament pairings. On Sunday, participants will play 18 holes at the exquisite Southern Highlands Golf Club.

The list of Woodson’s friends that will be at the invitational is quite an interesting group as NBA players like JR Smith will be there but so will actor Kevin Sorbo aka Hercules:
Woodson will be treating his friends well, as he has a multitude of sponsors including Sean John, which according to President of Sean John, Jeff Tweedy, “Coach Woodson has been a friend of the brand for many years.”

Please think about that for a minute. Mike Woodsoon has been a friend of Sean John for many years! Just imagine the club nights Mike Woodson has had with P. Diddy. Maybe that is the reason Woodson’s eyebrows were missing that one time in Atlanta.

Besides the guest list and the fancy ambiance, the best part of the Coach Woodson Las Vegas Invitational is that Woodson’s golf buddies “will enjoy customized cocktails, including “The Woody,” in honor of Coach Woodson” and will get ” ‘The Woodson Jacket,’ the official jacket of the invitational. Each recipient will be custom-fitted for The Woodson Jacket, which will be presented at the closing reception.

If Woodson didn’t invite you but you still want to drink a cocktail called “The Woody” and you have been looking for a blazer like “The Woodson Jacket”, then it will cost you anywhere from $2,750 to $3,000 which is quite a bit to spend when none of the money is going to charity. We can only hope that JR Smith will Instagram some selfies while sipping on “The Woody” and wearing “The Woodson Jacket.”

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