Hardwood Paroxysm at Las Vegas Summer League: Day 5

Image via @NBA

Image via @NBA

By Andrew Lynch: On the surface, it’s nonsensical to even pay attention to something so insignificant, but Mike Muscala and Edy Tavares have quite a bit of chemistry on the defensive end for the Atlanta Hawks summer league team. And really, it makes sense; Muscala has spent time playing in Spain, and he speaks basketball Spanish. He knows how to talk to Edy, and as minor a detail as that might be, it’s huge for Tavares’ comfort level and performance on the court.

Because really, in Las Vegas, it’s all about the little edges.

By Kirk Henderson:  I’ve been at LVSL all of 15 minutes and I can’t stop staring at everyone’s shoes. The players, the fans, the writers (not the writers), it’s impressive most anywhere you look. I’m not really into sneakers, but I find this particular form of expression fascinating. During the regular season, we rarely see any non-team color shoes unless it’s from a superstar like Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. Here, though, we’re seeing a variety of designs and color schemes of some of the most popular shoes on the market.

By Jordan White: The Blazers’ summer league roster isn’t what you’d call fair. Featuring Thomas Robinson, CJ McCollum, Joel Freeland, Meyers Leonard and Will Barton, it’s a panoply of athletes and well-experienced players that, talent wise, is probably superior to any other team here. But, you know what, screw fair, this is summer league. Fun is a necessity, if for no other reason than it balances out games where no one can hit a shot. So far, against the Hawks today, we’ve had McCollum go insane from beyond the arc, Joel Freeland unleash a vicous dunk, his face contorted unbridled rage, #PointTrillBarton (and just your normal ,run of the mill dunking Will Barton) and Thomas Robinson abusing his fair share of rims as well. So thanks, Blazers, for providing us with some opening-game fun. We needed it.

By Andrew Lynch: We’ve had several runs on amazing throwback jerseys, but Day 5 of Las Vegas Summer League seems to be a bit more sparsely populated than days past. With that exodus comes fewer jerseys, and the sartorial conversation among bloggers is in need of an outlet.

The shoes are the thing now. It took 5 days, but everyone is now focused on the amazing kicks being worn on the court. Sources indicate that Nerlens Noel might actually be hiding rockets in his shoes. More dispatches to come.

By Andrew Lynch: Today is the last real day of summer league competition.

Oh, there will be games played the rest of the week, all the way until Monday, when a champion of the Las Vegas Summer League will be crowned. Yet when today’s round of contests ends, many teams will have seen what they wanted to see from their various summer league players. And those who are ready to get out of Vegas — well, let’s just say they might not necessarily be heartbroken if their efforts in the summer league playoffs don’t pay off.

Some people just can’t handle Las Vegas. Now excuse me while I find a corner to curl up in.

Hardwood Paroxysm