Hardwood Paroxysm at Las Vegas Summer League: Day 3


By Andrew Lynch: I will not get excited about Las Vegas Summer League. I will not get excited about Las Vegas Summer League. I will not …


MILES PLUMLEE IS THE GREATEST DEFENDER ON EARTH. Jabari Parker’s existence has been erased. RIP, Jabari. RIP.

By Jack Maloney: 

Here is a thing that happened.

By Jack Maloney:

The Cox Pavilion LOVES Doug McDermott. He’s getting the same kind of reaction that Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker received earlier this week. Every touch he gets is met with anticipatory “oohs,” and even louder cheers when the shot goes in–which it has more often than not today. Dougie has 26 at the end of the third quarter, and the Bulls have a 75-63 lead.

By Noam Schiller:  

Tony Snell is the anti-Samson. All of his talent is stored in his not having cornrows. Now with a shorn head, Snell will never ever miss a three again. That is unless he marries a hairdresser named Delilah that will give him cornrows in his sleep. Nobody give that idea to the Pacers/Cavs/Heat/Wizards.

By Andrew Lynch: Sim Bhullar is a presence.

When Sim is in the vicinity, it’s almost impossible to ignore him. In the strictest, physics-based sense, the enormous 7-5 Bhullar has a lot of gravity. That attractive force wreaks havoc on one’s optical experience. No matter whether Bhullar is playing well or poorly — and for most of his stints in Las Vegas so far, the truth has oscillated somewhere between the two — you can’t help but watch. The universe will allow nothing else.

By David Vertsberger: Yo.


By David Vertsberger: Patrick Ewing being taller than most of the players he’s coaching is a pretty weird sight. Not many big men head coaches around.

By David Vertsberger: Hornets/Kings up next. Noah Vonleh’s going to look to bounce back from an abysmal Summer League debut, where he went 0-13 from the field. More pre-game dunk contests going on. I can’t get enough of them.

By David Vertsberger: Bryce Cotton picked up a loose ball on a somewhat open court break, and was about to – at least to me – wind up for a 360 slam but was fouled by Matthew Dellavedova. Cotton attempting this reminded me that he has a 40″ max vertical. Yikes.

By David Vertsberger: Cleveland’s new head coach David Blatt is not only running more motion than any offense in Vegas, but against the Spurs he’s been trying all sorts of different defenses for small stretches. He went into a zone at one point, then a full-court trap. Fun times.

By David Vertsberger: So, in-shape Anthony Bennett is something I can get very used to.

The HP crew is in the building for day three at Las Vegas Summer League. Eight games on deck for the day, beginning with the Wiggins and Bennett-led Cavs facing off against the Spurs.

Hardwood Paroxysm