Dennis Schröder puts the point guard back in point guard at LVSL

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Players that hope to impress onlooking teams at Las Vegas Summer League will do what it takes to get their attention. Gamble a little extra in hopes of a steal, take a more trigger-happy approach to their offense or attack the boards with more gusto. Rarely will you see players care more about the team and winning games when their careers are dependent on this 10-day showcase. Yet, Dennis Schröder doesn’t seem to mind.

Yes he’s on a guaranteed contract with the Hawks, but his staying in Atlanta or in the NBA in general will be based largely on how much he’s improved since his rookie campaign. Despite this, he’s taken to his role as floor general on the Hawks Summer League squad and has done so impressively.

Schröder’s looked very in control in the pick-and-roll, remaining patient and taking what the defense gives him. His scoring wasn’t much to write home about, shooting just 2-13 from the field tot he tune of 8 points. His passing was something to admire, though.

In what seemed like every other possession, Schröder was flinging passes cross-court with relative ease and pinpoint accuracy. Dennis’s assist total wouldn’t tell you this, Schröder tallying just two on the contest. His distribution was a nice change of pace from the rest of the league’s me-first attitude. While 90% of players try and earn their spot with ill-advised shots and three dribbles too many, Schröder will continue setting up others with crisp feeds and composure. Just the way he likes it.

David Vertsberger

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