Yuki Togashi Turns Heads At Las Vegas Summer League

Image by Craig Damlo via Flickr

Image by Craig Damlo via Flickr

I could have walked past Yuki Togashi on the sidewalk entering the Thomas and Mack Center and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Togashi is a 5’8” point guard on the Dallas Mavericks roster who turned professional in 2012, playing for Akita in the Japanese league. He’s shorter than everyone, including Gal Mekel, who is distinguishably smaller than nearly everyone else on the court — Mekel is listed at 6’3”.

When he entered the game, Togashi dribbled, waiting for the clock to run down for the last shot of the first quarter. He went into the corner and was double teamed before throwing it off the leg of an opponent. The Mavericks ultimately turned it over, and Togashi ran down to defend a three-pointer taken just before the buzzer signified the end of the quarter– it were as if he was invisible.

I literally don’t know what the Mavs, or anyone sees in this guy — but he’s here. That’s not a judgment; it’s just too soon to know. Hopefully, we’ll get to see why Togashi was invited to Vegas. Maybe he’ll inspire me to lace up and attempt to make an NBA roster, but for now, Togashi has some work to do. And Las Vegas Summer League is the perfect place to do it. We’ll be rooting for Togashi.

Zachary Bennett