Dwyane Wade waits for LeBron’s decision by training with his new workout partner, Kevin Hart (Video)

Dwyane Wade laughs while watching Kevin Hart’s set. Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


While he waits for LeBron’s decision, Dwyane Wade is in the gym putting in work…with comedian Kevin Hart.



Late night Basketball workout with my brotha from anotha motha @dwyanewade #ImGettingOld#MyKneesAintShit #ThatsTheOnlyShotiMade


Wade and Hart are good friends as they have appeared in a Jordan Brand commercial together and apparently Hart is planning Wade’s bachelor party:


It is the off-season and Wade did just finish playing in the NBA Finals so going through a workout with your buddy is definitely allowed. Plus, when you are waiting on your other buddy to make a decision on whether you guys will be playing with each other next season, having a joker like Hart around should help alleviate any stress Wade may have.

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  • Stevie Adams

    wade needs to retire.