Ricky Rubio, DeAndre Jordan And Shawn Marion Are Heroes, Help Kids Get To Earth To Echo Premier

Ricky Rubio might be the most unselfish human being ever

Ricky Rubio might be the most unselfish human being ever

Relativity Sports represents a number of NBA players (and plenty of athletes from other sports) including Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Shawn Marion, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons and Larry Sanders. But they’re more exciting that your run of the mill sports management company because they like to make quirky short videos that are all sorts of absurd, and that’s entertaining, dammit!

You may remember the Avengerables; the trailer for what would be the best action movie of all time, because who wouldn’t want to watch Dwight Howard play an “incredible, amazing, super duper hero guy” or DeMarcus Cousins as an “impractical gadget guy”? (Seriously, if you wouldn’t want to watch that, you may be missing the fun gene.)

They’ve done a few more videos since then, apparently, but because they didn’t have any NBA players in them, we aren’t interested. Thankfully, though, they’ve pulled through and done something new to promote Earth to Echo, which includes Shawn Marion hitching a ride with some young kids, Ricky Rubio fixing a little girl’s bike and DeAndre Jordan swooping in to save the day, only to get yelled at by his mom to not eat too much popcorn because she made him his favorite dinner — spaghetti and meatballs.

Whoever comes up with the ideas for these videos deserves a max contract.

Scott Rafferty