Miami area radio station hosts LEBRON-A-THON to convince LeBron James to stay with Heat

LeBron would rather be sitting on a gold throne. Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If Miami Heat fans really want LeBron to resign,  the Kup and Crowder Show on South Florida’s 560 WQAM wants them to use their own money to convince him. Of course their money won’t actually be going to LeBron, from the Miami Herald via a 560 press release:


Sports Radio 560 WQAM-AM will celebrate “LEBRON-A-THON” all day, tomorrow July 1st, 2014.  South Florida has enjoyed championship basketball the last four years, and we want more. We all want LeBron James to stay in Miami and WQAM is encouraging listeners put their money where their mouth is, by supporting a great cause. Listeners are being encouraged to visit WQAM.com where they can click on the “LEBRON-A-THON” banner to make a donation. 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.

Representatives from The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County will be visiting The Kup & Crowder Show at 1pm to talk about the charity “LEBRON-A-THON”.

Additionally, fans that make a donation will also be registered to win a pair of tickets to the 2014 Miami HEAT Home Opener.



You can donate to this interesting cause online in a variety of different LeBron themed dollar amounts:






According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LeBron will not likely be leaving Miami but is looking for a max deal. Maybe LeBron will take less money if Heat fans decide to build him a gold throne or make him the Mayor of Miami through the LEBRON-A-THON.




(Tip of the hat to Miami Herald’s Joe Goodman)

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    First anyone who refers to these guys as the big 3 has zero credibility, its the big 1.50 Lebron and two slugs, Ok that may be a bit harsh, it’s 1 slug and coat tail rider and that’s why Lebron may not want to be paid in the same range as those guys, because he is always doing the heavy lifting

    The only thing this station is missing is a “please stay Lebron” song !…. that may be hard to accomplish considering south Florida may not have as many losers in the state at any given time to match Cleveland’s numbers

    Lebron is not the issue, its guys like Wade a “washed up” bench player, who believes he is still a starter and wants to be paid like a major contributor Then you have the “Dinosaur hatchling” who also believes he’s big time and should be paid as such, but he always finds a way to go extinct during big games / series and Finally Riley is the other obstacle… while he is wasting time with guys like Haslem, Wade and Bosh, there are players out there to be had that can help the heat… players like Gortat, Hawes, Ariza, Bradley, Gasol… any combination of those players are a lot cheaper and better than what Bosh or Wade is asking to be paid… or Little known free agents like the ones the Spurs find each year !

    If Riley signs key role players he will have a better chance of Keeping Lebron, rather than over paying a part time player like Wade… Lebron wants the max and rightfully so… but if he takes a max contract, it will be hard to get good role players, plus Bosh and Wade, this may be a ploy by Lebron to join another team… Riley should sign key role players first then go to the big 1.50 with the remaining cash.. i laugh when people say the Heat have a record 55 million in cap space !!! because we all know thats NOT really true !