Podcast Paroxysm – NBA Draft Hangover


Though not as shocking as last year’s draft, the 2014 NBA draft had plenty of surprises and excitement. The Cleveland Cavaliers actually did something right! Sam Hinkie did more wheeling and dealing! Danny Ainge somehow overcame his distaste for the draft and selected two players! Two! Now, after all the dust has settled and the trades have been finalized, it’s time to reflect upon that wild Thursday.

To help me with that reflection, Jack Winter was kind enough to join me on Podcast Paroxysm. The Philadelphia Sam Hinkies, er,  76ers, took a bold risk by selecting Joel Embiid and Dario Saric — the former won’t play this year, while the latter likely won’t play in the NBA for at least two years. Was this the right move? Will fans and ownership be patient enough to see Hinkie’s plan come to fruition, or was this too big of a risk?

We also discuss who had the best draft and worst drafts. Was it Utah, who got their guy in Exum and a steal in Rodney Hood? Was it Charlotte, who selected Noah Vonleh and Hairston?  As for worst, did anyone actually have a “terrible” draft? Listen to what we think.

Last year, Tim Connelly didn’t exactly make a great first impression, signing Nate Robinson, Randy Foye and JJ Hickson to puzzling contracts. One year later, with a solid draft day that saw the return of Aaron Afflalo along with the selections of Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, has Connelly redeemed himself?

Who the hell is Bruno Caboclo? Did Masai Ujiri strike gold, or was this just a monumental reach with other, potentially better players on the board?

All of that, plus, would I draft my house again if I realized how hot it would be without air conditioning? Who had the best and worst suit of the night, besides Andrew Wiggins of course because oh my god that thing was beautiful.