At the 2014 NBA Draft, NBA commissioner Adam Silver gave out the best handshakes (Photos & Video)

Since taking over for David Stern in February, new NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been stepped into Stern’s shoes quite admirably and is viewed quite positively throughout the league. Last night at the 2014 NBA Draft, Silver introduced the first round draftees for the first time but this was not quite a new experience as he has been practicing by announcing the second round during Stern’s term. Silver mainly stuck to the script but one noticeable difference between Silver and Stern was the way he greeted the draftees:

Yes, that is Silver giving what Urban Dictionary defines as a Bro Shake to Clint Capela of the Houston Rockets.

Check out Stern’s handshake work in previous drafts,  straight professional:


Now look at Silver’s hand grip, just a straight G:



It looks like the NBA is in good hands with Adam Silver.

UPDATE 6/28 – Thanks to the great Oakley and Allen we now have video evidence of Adam Silver’s dap game:


All photos via USA TODAY Sports

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