2014 NBA Draft Day Diary

Jun 26, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) shakes hands with NBA commissioner Adam Silver after being selected as the number one overall pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2014 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to my work here at HP, I work over at SB Nation’s NBA desk. You’ve probably seen me tweeting out jokes or writing up news stories about Andrew Bynum being traded to the Pacers because they are super serious this time you guys. Anyway, I helped pick up some of the open desk time needed to cover one of the league’s biggest one-day events and decided to make a draft day diary as it ran. Hope you enjoy.

7:30 AM: My alarm goes off far too early. I check my Twitter and e-mail. Nothing devastating yet so thank the #BASEDGOD or #WOJGOD or whatever.

7:46 AM: I have to get out of bed. Right after I close my eyes a little bit. I can already see how this day is going to go, including a disappointed e-mail from my editor at 10:45 about why I’m not there.

7:48 AM: I’m up and it’s time for coffee and toast.

7:56 AM: I make a private Twitter list with Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Spears, Marc Stein and Sam Amick. Can’t miss a thing.

8:00 AM: Logged into Slack, SB Nation’s chatroom service and clocked in. My message to the group:

hoodrat8:01 AM: Orlando trades Arron Afflalo to the Denver Nuggets for Evan Fournier and the 56th pick. Here we go.

8:03 AM: Prada has a post up and I’m adding items to it as fast as I can. Twitter is exploding about how lopsided it is. Seems to me that it’s an obvious salary dump in an effort to clear space. With this trade, the Magic are something like $8 million below the salary floor, never mind the cap itself. Woo.

8:22 AM: The Afflalo trade post already has 42 comments at this point. I’m not even on my second cup of coffee.

8:25 AM: Charlotte’s new court is gorgeous. Oh goodness.

9:00 AM: USA-Germany match is on. I’m filling out our draft prospects sheet with scenarios like “What if Dario Saric falls to the Nuggets?” Go Rocket Pops.

10:17 AM: I finally make breakfast. Four pieces of bacon and three eggs. For America.

10:18 AM: I realize I have yet to put on a shirt. Don’t ever let anyone tell you sportswriting isn’t glamorous.

10:48 AM: I photoshop something funny but I spell a name wrong by swapping two letters in my haste, thus sending me to Internet jail. GO RONDALDO.

11:04 AM: Philadelphia is reportedly trying to trade up to get Andrew Wiggins. They already offered the Cavaliers Thaddeus Young and the No. 3 for the No. 1, so God knows what they are trying to give up this time. Seems likely at this point. Post published.

11:27 AM: Back working on draft prospects. I’m going from the bottom up as many picks don’t even have blurbs written yet. That’s OK we’re just four hours away from the draft.

11:32 AM: Pretty sure Devyn Marble isn’t a real person and instead is a rejected Disney show character name. Devyn Marble runs her tragically dead father’s flooring and countertop shop in tropical Hawaii with her wacky French bulldog Zuzí and romantically ambiguous male counterpart Karl!

11:47 AM: Ben Golliver checks in via e-mail, my column for that day about the Trail Blazers going live in a few minutes. Read it here.

11:54 AM: Tom Ziller points out Stein’s tweet saying the Warriors hope to attract LeBron with Kevin Love. “The unification of all rumors,” remarks Ziller. My response breaks Slack. comman12:08 PM: Time to shower and hope Doug McDermott goes No. 3.

12:21 PM: Shower was terrible. No water pressure, varying heat. This is what happens when you live in 108-year-old building in Portland and all your neighbors are home in the middle of the day because they are professional bicycle delivery riders.  


No, seriously.

12:51 PM: I’ve now scheduled a bunch of our painstakingly researched previews through Twitter and Facebook. Just three hours away from this thing.

1:05 PM: Woj tweets that Marcus Smart is getting a serious look by the Jazz at No. 5. This sounds like nonsense, mostly because many of these draft day proposals usually end up being smokescreens. A two-guard lineup is discussed in our chat.

1:16 PM: The SB Nation NBA crew starts to crack under the pressure.  

1:24 PM: What is Andrew Wiggins wearing? I feel like this question is going to come up again.

1:27 PM: It’s time for a lunch break, whatever that means in this scenario. Actually, I know exactly what it means: eating pickles from the jar and watching Ken Block talk about chainsaws. Does this legally count as a break? I’m writing my congressman.

2:08: Woj tweets out that it is very likely that the Sixers could still take Embiid at No. 3 should he still be available, followed by a tweet saying the Sixers are out of the running for the Cavs pick. Post goes up. I order a pizza to celebrate.

2:56 PM: I have constructed a Kirk Goldsberry-esque heat map of my locations in my apartment today. Note my efficiency at less than 5 feet from the fridge. My per/48 pickle rate is through the roof right now.


3:25 PM: My pizza arrives, pineapple and pepperoni of course. We’re just 30 minutes away and I’m still writing about Alec Brown. Let’s get this show on the road.

3:38 PM: Rumor has it that the Sacramento Kings want Shaun Livingston as their starting point guard. Nobody wants to invite Isaiah Thomas to the prom.

4:12 PM: The Cavaliers are on the clock. Chris Broussard is saying something about them taking Wiggins only to trade him. Screw it. I’m third in our SB Nation crew, as we are rotating picks between writers so we don’t all keel over simultaneously. I’m No. 3, and I’ve written in Embiid.

4:14 PM: First Bill Simmons Celtics reference. Drink! Coffee, that is, because it’s going to be a long night.

4:21 PM: There’s a weird recurring bump for ESPN that involves the top lottery picks blinding themselves with a Polaroid camera. Reminds me of that commercial where the grandma shares things to her wall by literally pinning photos to her kitchen wall. Hurry up, Dan Gilbert.

4:32 PMMultiple sources report Andrew Wiggins going No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They did the right thing and now I don’t know who I am anymore.

4:35 PM: Andrew Wiggins it is. Jalen Rose is excited.

4:42 PM: Jabari goes No. 2. Simmons references Celtics again. 2/2!

4:50 PM: Embiid No. 3. Thank you, pre-write.

4:55 PM: Aaron Gordon goes at No. 4. I’m sorry, Orlando fans.

4:58 PM: A moment of confusion in the chat room as a permalink contains the placeholder “teamname” in it. A suggestion is made to purchase a team and just call them the Teamnames.

5:00 PM: The Jazz take Dante Exum at No. 5. I love it. Love. It. Let’s put a dynasty back in Utah and ruin Finals ratings over the next decade. I want that.

5:05 PM: Boston takes Marcus Smart at No. 6, which is my assignment. I almost can’t get it up fast enough. Still smells like a trade here at some point.

5:11 PM: Julius Randle goes to the Lakers. I really don’t know how I feel about that yet. Randle is a guy with a lot of swirling opinions on him. Everything is a “maybe” which worries me even more.

5:14 PM: There is talk of the Trail Blazers trading for Arsalan Kazemi in my timeline. Portland fans are going crazy without a draft pick.

5:20 PM: Stauskas goes to the Kings. My friend, who is a Sacramento fan, texts me: “Sac better have a trade in place… Just saying.”

5:21 PM: I assume this means Doug McDermott is going to Charlotte, per a report from earlier this morning. I start building my post.

5:26 PM: The Hornets go with Noah Vonleh, taking the best player on the board but more importantly, blowing up my flow. Also: What does this mean for Bismack Biyombo? My Ben Swanson cap is on and thinking.

5:32 PM: Elfrid Payton goes to the Philadelphia 76ers at No. 10. He, like the rest of us, looks shocked to be there. No, wait. That’s just how he always looks. Twitter is buzzing with that Payton might be moved.

5:36 PM:  Denver goes with Doug McDermott at 11. I really like that pick. They need wing help and McDermott can fill it up. After J.J. Redick’s evolution, I think just about anyone can learn to play defense without the “tools” or whatever you want to pigeonhole it as.

5:38 PM: McDermott is apparently heading to Chicago for the 16 and 19 picks, a team in even more dire need of shooting. First reaction: He should wear No. 24.

5:45 PM: So we get Dario Saric to the Magic, who gets swapped for Elfrid Payton, again blowing up my pre-write and forcing me to add some trade information into the post on the fly. Meanwhile, Michael Carter-Williams unclenches.

5:50 PM: Zack LaVine goes to Minnesota where hopefully he will be able to leap tall snow drifts in a single bound. He seemed less than pleased about it.

5:55 PM: Phoenix takes T.J. Warren. Who I honestly know nothing about but will be sure to point him out at Summer League next year as “my favorite sneaky pick” just to cover.

6:00 PM: I’m waiting for my turn to post the Hawks’ pick at No. 15 and of course, mine are the ones that don’t seem to be getting leaked early enough that I can publish them right as they go up, which is dumb. Don’t they know it’s the future?

6:05 PM: The Hawks take Adreian Payne. I am reminded to spell his first name correctly even though he apparently can’t. Hard not to be brought to tears as part of Payne’s party at his draft table is Lacey Holsworth’s mother.

6:08 PM: Adam Silver takes a minute to recognize Baylor center Isaiah Austin. I’M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION.

6:13 PM: Jusuf Nurkic goes to the Bulls at 16, will be swapped to Denver for McDermott.

6:15 PM: How tall is Fran Fraschilla now, 4’6? Can growth plates become shrink plates? Who the hell is Jusuf Nurkic?

6:19 PM: Note to self: If you ever end up on TV and radio, never derogatorily refer to those mediums as sources of garbage opinions or you might just end up proving your own point.

6:20 PM: James Young to the Celtics. Bill Simmons to the fist pump.

6:22 PM: What am I doing with my life?

6:25 PM: Suns take Tyler Ennis but could be dealt. Guards falling, but I do like that there hasn’t been any big smokescreens yet. No Rudy Goberts.

6:30 PM: Gary Harris goes to the Bulls, then to Denver via the McDermott trade. Probably the steal of the draft up until this point.

6:40 PM: The Raptors take (looks back at chat) Bruno… Caboclo? Cabocio? We can’t decide. It doesn’t matter, I’m still calling Masai Ujiri “Mike” cause it’s just easier to type it that way.

6:49 PM: Thunder take Mitch McGary at 21, which is perfect because I pondered out loud in our round table this week whether he was going to be picked by someone searching for the next Steven Adams. I guess we got our answer?

7:01 PM: We’ve changed to a two-man rotation for the last few picks, which as me totally off my game logging my diary. In order, the picks have been Jordan Adams to the Grizzlies, Rodney Hood to the Jazz and Shabazz Napier to the Hornets. Hearing right now that the Heat are trading for Napier. Swanson is sad.

7:13 PM: Adam Silver makes the McDermott trade official. Anthony Randolph thrown in for good measure, which I’m pretty sure is required in the new CBA.

7:14: P.J. Hairston goes at No. 26. Great pick for the Hornets. Lots of value there, they saved a little bit of money on Hairston’s contract by taking him at 26 instead of 24 and I think he can be a good shooter in the NBA. Without Josh McRoberts, Charlotte will need all the deep threats they can get.

7:16 PM: Starting to get really tired. I’ve been on the computer and at my desk for 11 hours at this point. I’m debating whether or not to take my shirt back off.

7:18 PM: Bogdan Bogdanovic is going at No. 27, according to Woj. That’s like if I was named Dane Danestieger. Wait, is it too late to get a pen name? Do you get to choose your own pen name, or is it like being in a gang where your boys pick one for you? Being a writer is hard.

7:27 PM: I LEFT MY PICKLES OUT ON THE COUNTER RED ALERT also the Clippers took C.J. Wilcox.

7:34 PM: Thunder take Josh Huestis, who I watched a little at Stanford as a Pac-12 guy. They needed a defender, makes sense.

7:40 PM: Spurs take Kyle Anderson. [Basketblogger overreaction goes here].

7:41 PM: Thank god this round is over. Still have the second round to go, which will be lightning fast and also a disaster when it comes to trying to keep up writing-wise. I’m not keeping track of those picks.

8:44 PM: I’ve lost touch with reality.

8:57 PM: This is my life now.

8:58 PM: Hey, Devyn Marble got drafted. Leaving the floor and countertop business behind, I see.

9:05 PM: Woj tweets out that Philly never made a run at the Cavs’ No. 1 overall pick. My response.

9:12 PM: Clock out for the desk. Total time covering the NBA Draft today stands at 13 hours 12 minutes.

Wow that was fun. Let’s never do it again.

Dane Carbaugh

Video host of Baseline Rewind.

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