Watch a young Boris Diaw and Tony Parker practice together in France (Video)

Friends till the end. Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Talking about his friend and teammate Boris Diaw, Tony Parker told Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams:

 “I think that’s very rare in life, period, that you can have a friend since you’re 15 years old and go through a lot of stuff together and to experience all that with somebody.”

Thanks to Dailymotion user BASKETUSA, we now have footage of these longtime friends training together at France’s  National Institute of Sports and Physical Education. From the video’s description (via Google Translate):

“Lovebirds”. This is the name of this sequence posted by INSEP whose director is none other than Jean-Pierre de Vincenzi, the former coach of Team France and former French DTN of basketball. We see Boris Diaw and Tony Parker at 17, already inseparable.

For our sake, let’s hope Parker and Diaw keep going “through a lot of stuff together.”

(Thanks to r/NBA for posting this video.)

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