Hickory-High Rounds Up the 2013-14 Season, Yearbook Style

RetrospecticusFinalImageOur friends over at Hickory-High, led by superstar Ian Levy, gave the 2013-14 NBA season (and Hickory-High itself, which is shutting its doors for a new opportunity) the sendoff it deserves with the Retrospecticus: A 2013-2014 Professional Basketball YearbookYou can buy the yearbook for the low, low price of $Free — although if you’d like to share your appreciation for the hard work by all of the talented writers at Hickory-High, you can purchase a copy for whatever price you choose.

If you still need convincing, read Levy’s introduction:

Last summer I had the enormous privilege of collaborating on the Hardwood Paroxysm 2013-2014 Season Preview, a 100+ page ebook assembled by the approximately 357 collaborators at HP. It was an incredible experience — the writing was a joy, but the collegiality throughout the process was something particularly special. In the end there was a surplus of group pride and a thorough and weighty final product. That experience was the direct inspiration for the text you are now reading.

Retrospecticus is an attempt to recreate that experience with my own staff at Hickory-High. The talented group of writers who volunteer their time and creativity to Hickory-High are an absolute blessing but, although we waste hours every day on group email threads, our work is mostly done in parallel — written separately and not seen by colleagues until it is published. I wanted to try something more intentionally collaborative, and bigger, much bigger.

The idea to frame this season review project as a yearbook came fairly early on and it seemed like a ludicrously appropriate choice. You’ll quickly notice that this is not a yearbook in the traditional sense, mostly because licensing photos of every NBA player was well outside our budget of zero dollars. We’ve tried to keep some yearbook structures in place but still work in our own styles to tell some of our favorite stories from this season. You’ll find memories from the regular season and playoffs, senior superlatives, prom songs and individual sections on each team’s season.

As with everything at Hickory-High, this project is far from perfect. This was our first swing at a project of this magnitude and I’m quite certain that we’ve missed in places. Editing on this scale and formatting in this style were both new experiences for me and the execution is clumsy at times. But at its core, I believe Retrospecticus is true to the Hickory-High experience. It was created with creativity and care, joy and ambition. We had a blast putting it together and we hope you enjoy reading it as much we enjoyed writing it.

While we are excited to share Retrospecticus with all of you, it is also a bittersweet benchmark. As you may have heard this is the last project from the Hickory-High collective. A wonderful (yet-to-be-announced) opportunity has opened up for us that necessitates shutting the door on Hickory-High. Although many of us will be working together in the future, this is the last project from this particular group of writers in this particular configuration. I have been so privileged to blindly lead this talented group over the past few seasons and I can’t thank them enough for all the wonderful work they have done. Not all of our writers were able to contribute to this project and since this may stand as Hickory-High’s tombstone I want to make sure I thank Andrew Johnson, Cole Patty, Jacob Frankel, Sean Widmer and Kyle Soppe for all their terrific contributions.

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but it also marks the end of many things. At this moment in time, the arrival of summer marks the end of the 2013-2014 season and the end of Hickory-High. We hope Retrospecticus will serve as a wonderful reminder of the memories we’ve made together, both on the court and on the internets.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being a friend.

Have a great summer and see you next year,

Ian Levy


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