Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Patty Mills leads the Spurs to the title

One last spin for old time’s sake.



San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

So at first it looked like LeBron was just going to take over and there was nothing the Spurs would be able to do about it. He was all over the place in the first quarter, scoring 17 points, grabbing six rebounds and throwing down powerful dunks like this.

(h/t @outsidethenba)


But the Spurs withstood his early barrage and with LeBron getting no help from anyone else, San Antonio eventually took the lead in the second quarter, and they didn’t look back.

Oh, hello Kawhi. Savor this highlight, because Spurs alley-oops are very #rare.

Then late in the second quarter, after the Spurs had already taken the lead, this happened. And it was over right there.

(h/t @cjzero)




That dunk was so insane it even forced a tweet out of RIC THE LEGEND.


As always, RIC sums things up nicely. Also summing things up was this block by Tiago Splitter. In yo face, Wade.

I mean, by the second half the Spurs were just fooling around. Patty Mills (!!!) dropped 14 in the third quarter. Lol what? Mills was benched for Cory Joseph in the Playoffs last year, and now he’s out here dropping 14 in one quarter of a Finals game? That’s so Spurs.


To be honest, I don’t even remember anything that happened on the court in the fourth quarter so let’s just skip to the celebration.

Yep, sounds about right.

Of course, Mike Woodson wasn’t going to just sit here and not congratulate the Spurs on a great season.


Kawhi Leonard: NBA Finals MVP 🙂


Even Gregg Popovich could finally smile.


Look at Timmy just basking in the glory of his fifth ring. Pretty damn cool.



Another great year of basketball, but now we must move on to the Draft and Summer League and free agency. The 2015 season will come soon enough, but let’s not quickly forget 2014–a season, as the wise Yucci Mane says, that was defined by Lil B and Boris Diaw. Incredible. #NBAForever.


Oh wait, one last thing. Hey, LeBron. If you want to leave Miami after that loss, I know a place that would love to have you.

Bucks in 6.

Jack Maloney

  • Bob

    Yo, that Patty Mills YouTube highlight is from Game 4, not Game 5. Easy to get confused given the domination in both games, but still… Otherwise, great stuff.

    • Jack Maloney

      Yep. Good catch, thank you.