Last night in the NBA Playoffs: All hail Boris Diaw



San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

Did anyone on the Heat besides LeBron even play tonight? Like, I know LeBron had that crazy third quarter, but that’s honestly the only thing I can remember from their performance tonight. It was just brilliance from the Spurs for the second game in a row and there was nothing Miami could do.


This is just a clinic in ball movement and execution.

Aw yeah, Phantom Cam in the building. We made it.


Unreal passing for a Boris Diaw (!) slam. This guy… He almost had a triple-double tonight! Imagine how awesome it would have been to have seen NBA Finals triple-double Boris Diaw. It would become his official name like Seven time All-Star Joe Johnson.


asldkfhasdfhka;sldkh Kawhi!

Phantom Cam back.


To be honest, the game was already over by the time Kawhi threw down that dunk–at least I just assumed the game was over when Erik Spoelstra put Toney Douglas into the game. I mean, isn’t that just signaling that you’re giving up?

So here is the lone highlight from the second half because at that point I was barely paying attention.

Kawhi to Boris to Tim. That was prime Spurs.

GIF: Spurs offense is so damn pretty on Twitpic

(h/t @cjzero)


For the second straight game, the Spurs handed out a curb stomping in South Beach. And afterwards their fans knew exactly how to celebrate–by showing off their hydraulics.

Jack Maloney