Last night in the NBA Playoffs: It would appear the Spurs are good at basketball

Look, I know this is a basketball site, but I don’t really care. You guys have got to watch this throw Yeonis Cespedes made last night. If you’ve already seen it, then so what. You should just be watching this on an endless loop at all times anyway.

GIF: Yoenis Cespedes with a cannon from the left field corner... on Twitpic

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San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

Well, so, um, this first quarter was absurd.


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Like, LeBron had 14 points in the first and also did this, and the Heat were still down by 16 when it was over.

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The Spurs just couldn’t be stopped. They scored 41 points in the frame, doing all sorts of fun things.


Then they just kept right on flexing, getting whatever they wanted on offense and scoring 71 points in the first half.

In case you forgot Boris Diaw is a brilliant passer, here you go.

Oh, hi Danny Green.

Kawhi was a monster tonight, dropping 29–including two on this beauty.

Even though it felt like the Heat were in the game the whole time and they cut it to seven points at one time, the Spurs’ large lead proved too much to overcome.

GIF: Tim Duncan loves those touch passes, so good on Twitpic

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This was just a Spurs masterpiece. And so was this play, which you should watch at least like 17 times.

Jack Maloney