Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Yeah, I’m talking LeBron

Safe to say both teams were taking Soulja’s advice last night. *100 emoji*

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

This matchup just continues to produce awesome games. For as much of a letdown as the second round and conference finals were, the Finals so far has been awesome.

Like, the game had barely even started and Tim Duncan was already flexing.



Duncan’s dunk was so nice it elicited a rap response from Steezus, so that should tell you something.


But LeBron didn’t want anyone to forget about him, because he is truly The King.

GIF: LeBron throws down a dunk of his own on Twitpic

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Also, this happened. Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion.


GIF: Ray Allen's ball fake got both Marco Belinelli and ... on Twitpic

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Here we have Tim Duncan throwing a touchdown to Tony Parker.


And here we have Mario Chalmers getting called for a flagrant foul for elbowing Tony Parker in the ribs. I think this was a definitely a foul, but I don’t know about the flagrant part. Regardless, the worst thing about this was that people tried to turn it into a meme.

GIF: Mario Chalmers throwing an elbow into Tony Parker's... on Twitpic

(h/t @cjzero)

“Hey, #dude, check this out. I’m Parkering.”

“Haha, nice #dude! Getting hit in the ribs is hilarious.”

“#WellActually, you morons, Parkering is dumb and so is injury shaming and about 99% of all memes.”

Anyways, let’s just forget about Parkering all together and focus on LeBron stunting.

There was nothing the Spurs could do. Inside, outside, hand in his face, whatever. LeBron was unstoppable last night.



Also, this happened after Bosh hit Dwyane Wade for a game clinching layup late in the fourth quarter.


Jack Maloney

  • Dominic Domino

    I’d like a special article devoted to the concept of how, according to the TV announcers, it actually was Ginobili’s fault that he “put himself in the position” of getting a foul called against him, when Wade performed his preposterous flop last night. That would be interesting reading.

    • LawrenceTalbot

      If there’s somebody who karmically deserves to get the worst of every flop call ever, it’s Manu Ginobili, who’s flopped his way into more fraudulent calls over his career than Wade, Fisher, and Divac combined.