Last night in the NBA Playoffs: The Spurs will play forever

You guys, you guys! John Wall has a hat with the “100” emoji on it!

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San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

*Yelling from the other room*

“Hey, did that game start yet?”

“Yeah, it just tipped off a min.. asdhfaspdh KAWHIIIIII”

GIF: Kawhi Leonard spins on Kevin Durant and posterizes Serge... on Twitpic

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Kevin Durant thought that looked fun, so he decided to get in on the dunking action.

GIF: Jeremy Lamb's near half court alley oop to Kevin Du... on Twitpic

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“Damn, Ibaka’s right here again. Let me just kick this out really quick.” “Oh, come on, Tiago!”

This passing was just insane. The Spurs are so patient and execute with such precision it almost isn’t fair. Like how are you even supposed to stop this?

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Look at Tim Duncan getting Durant right in the eyes. Taking lessons from Ric Flair, apparently.

Check out this thing ESPN did with Manu’s big three from the 4th quarter. It’s so cool.

This was an amazing sequence late last night. First Ibaka gets the block and it looks like Westbrook is going to get the layup to take the lead. But then Kawhi blocks Westbrook and starts it the other way, leading to a Duncan and-one that basically ended the game.

The Thunder still had a small chance, but that was gone when Westbrook shot a desperation three over the backboard. And so the Spurs clinched their second straight trip to the NBA Finals for a rematch with the Miami Heat.

Let’s check in on what Chamillionaire had to say about the game.

And we’ll leave with this incredible tweet from Nazr Mohammed.

Jack Maloney