Last night in the NBA Playoffs: LeBron is truly The King

So I had to work at night last night so I DVR’d the game, right. Well I come back with some free ice cream I got to take home because the machine gets cleaned on the weekend and anything left is going to get thrown out so we just empty the machines. So I’m thinking, “oh this is perfect. Little ice cream, little FANtastic playoff action, I can’t wait.” And then I get home, flip the game on, start eating my ice cream and boom the game is over in like 5 minutes. Lol, good job, good effort, Indiana.

Now I will recap this game with one highlight and two pictures because that’s all you need.

This was one of the most amazing passes I’ve ever seen. He threw that basketball like it was a little dodgeball. He’s absurd.


And then here is one of my new all-time favorite photos. Crazy that after everything that’s happened, Greg Oden is going to win a title before Kevin Durant. The BasedGod’s curse is too real.


Of course we can’t forget LeBron wearing a lion shirt to the press conference because LeBron is truly The King.


Jack Maloney