Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Westbrook is Bestbrook


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San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Have to be honest, this was not a good omen for the Spurs.


The Spurs actually did start out pretty strong in this one, scoring the first eight points. Two of which came on this sneaky shot by Tony Parker.


But then Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant decided they had other plans, and things started going pretty poorly for the Spurs. And then Westbrook did this.


GIF: Russell Westbrook's emphatic block to end the first... on Twitpic

(h/t @JDonSports)

That block didn’t really mean too much score wise because that shot wasn’t going in and it was the end of the quarter, but it got Russ and the arena fired up. And from that point on it was all Westbrook.

Here is another thing he did that was good.

GIF: Westbrook steal and dunk on Twitpic


GIF: Westbrook SCREAM on Twitpic

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Then Russ did another good thing. (He did a lot of good basketball things in this game. That’s why he’s Bestbrook.)

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The Spurs’ play had Pop like:


He wants a nasty game.


Even Steven Adams was getting in on the action, throwing down a jam right in Tim Duncan’s mug.

GIF: Steven Adams dunks on Tim Duncan, makes him sad on Twitpic

(h/t @JDonSports)

And then halfway through the third quarter, the Thunder were up by 20 and Pop took out Parker, Green and Duncan at the same time and the game actually ended right then. Like I think they kept playing but that was just so the bench players could have a little fun. I’m like 95 percent sure nothing that happened after that substitution actually counted for anything.

Anyways, Waka knew what was up.


Jack Maloney