Last night in the NBA Playoffs: If you can’t handle the Heat, stay out of the gym

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Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

The Heat came out strong last night in the first quarter, getting everything they wanted on offense. That’s why Frank Vogel decided he needed to do more than just coach. He needed to play some help defense.

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I don’t know if this thing where coaches yell and try to distract players from the sideline has always been a thing, or if it’s just something we’re noticing more with all the new technology and stuff, but I don’t like it. Anyways, Battier splashed the shot regardless, so in yo face, Vogel.

Also, Chris Bosh was a beast last night, dropping 25 points, 10 of which came in the first quarter. He’s the man, he’s the man, he’s the maaannnnnnn.

Dwyane Wade has looked fantastic this series, with last night being the first night he didn’t score 20 or more points. But he did do this, which was pretty cool and definitely not a travel. As basketball sage Chamillionaire once proclaimed, “healthy Wade saves the day.”

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Oh, man that’s a strong drive to the… OH MY GOD LEBRON. STOP IT BRON, DON’T HURT ‘EM.

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Floyd Mayweather, on the run from T.I., decided to check out the game last night.


This game really wasn’t too much of a contest, because LeBron was doing things like this all night.

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Plus, The King was doing things like this.


Lol, like how are you supposed to stop that? You aren’t stepping in for a charge–and even if you try he’ll probably just avoid you–you aren’t reaching because that will just be an and-one, and your only other option is to foul him as hard as you can, which will probably end being a flagrant. So yeah, I guess you just let him dunk it.

GIF: LeBron goes coast to coast and drops the hammer on Twitpic

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And then the Pacers, god bless them, made it a enough of a game that LeBron and company had to come back in for the final few minutes, giving Bron a chance to do another thing.

Bron coast to coast on Twitpic


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