Last night in the NBA Playoffs: The Spurs turn into Godzilla, destroy the Thunder

This game was fun for about a half, and then the Spurs turned into Godzilla, destroying the Thunder like they were MUTOs.

Anyways, some there were some cool things that happened while the Thunder still believed in things like hope.

Look at this beautiful passing from Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter.


But wait, the Thunder were actually winning for a while. Even Nick Collison was doing things on offense!

GIF: NIck Collison's tip in, the replays on Twitpic

The Lance Stephenson special!

(h/t @cjzero for the .gif and video)


But that was about the last bit of fun OKC had, because the Spurs had plans to destroy them, and they were executed perfectly. San Antonio completely took over the final few minutes of the second quarter, going on a huge run and extending their lead 14 at the break.

Part of that giant run was this corner three from Danny Green that came courtesy of Manu Ginobili, who threw one of the best passes of the year. Come now, let’s all sit and marvel at Ginobili’s genius. This deserves multiple views.

Lol, look at Collison. The pass went behind his back and he has no idea what’s even going on.

Come on, one more look. I know you want to.

Unbelievably awesome pass by Manu. This thing belongs in a mu... on Twitpic

(h/t The Blog Mamba)

Much pretty. Very cross court. Such pass. Wow.


It was so bad that Russell Westbrook was yelling at Durant to wake up.


And then halftime came and from that point on I was only half-paying attention.

So let’s end today with this funny picture of Gregg Popovich watching a Danny Green three. I wanted to just use this as the whole recap from last night, but I decided against it because Ginobili’s pass was so awesome. Haha, just look at his face.

Jack Maloney

  • al_frick

    That play where Green got free to the corner for Gino’s crazy pass was spectacular. Durant got blindsided by a back pick from Duncan and Duncan’s man was more concerned with penetration. That’s a set play. It’s not random; few things that the Spurs do is ever random. But just like any choreographed ballet, it looks effortless. Westbrook was screaming at Durant for no reason.

  • freeworld81

    There will be no repeat of the 2012 Playoffs between these 2 teams. OKC is still being hunted by that James Harden trade. The Spurs have 10 players that can get you 15 – 20 points on any given night. Let’s go Spurs…….