Spurs vs. Thunder: A Poem

Into the Western Conference Finals we delve,

A Thunder-Spurs rematch from two thousand and twelve.


Four games to two, the Thunder won the last meeting,

Now once again, the two teams’ll be competing.


Serge Ibaka’s not playing, his calf is too hurt.

No word on whom, into the lineup, Scott Brooks will insert.


But Durant and Russ are still healthy as can be,

OKC needs a monster effort from the league MVP.


As for the Spurs, it’s still the same crew,

Pop, Timmy, Parker, and don’t forget Manu.


Game One’s tonight, down in San Antone,

But who’s gonna win is still unknown.


Tune in tonight, so for yourself you can see,

It starts at nine Eastern, on gold ole’ TNT.