Zards Back: A Poem

Three games to one, the Zards were down,

As the Indiana Pacers welcomed them to town.


The Zards handed them a beat down, winning by twenty-three,

Despite going just five for eighteen from deep.


Three games to two now, the Zards made it a series,
Once again, of the Pacers, people have plenty of queries.


Like, “what the hell was that; are you guys serious?”

Their play these playoffs has been quite mysterious.


Thirty-one points for big Marcin Gortat,

Thirteen for fifteen, he barely missed a shot.


Sixty-two rebounds for the Zards, that’s absurd,

The Pacers were left looking like a bunch of nerds.


Thursday they play again, in Washington, D.C.

Who will show up for Game 6? Watch and see.