NBA Oregon Trail: Thibs Rides the Bulls til the End

Bulls Oregon Trail Rose Exhaustion

For our fourth installment of NBA Oregon Trail we sent the Chicago Bulls out on the trail. The Bulls have had a rough time of it the past two seasons, suffering through multiple injuries, most notably Derrick Rose’s knee injuries, and Tom Thibodeau’s minutes allocations have become scrutinized. In that spirit, we sent Thibs on the trail with Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Carlos Boozer, and Derrick Rose.

After dialing up the pace to grueling and cutting the rations back to meager, they were ready to venture out onto the trail and the expedition started well.

At the second river, Thibs insisted on caulking the wagon and floating it again. It ended poorly.

After losing nearly all of their food, the Bulls went for a hunt. I assume they sent Joakim because of his love for the outdoors.

This was when the Bulls began to unravel. First, they got lost.

Then, as has become all too familiar, Derrick Rose began to suffer.

Then we learned why Boozer sits during the fourth quarter.

He would not last much longer.

Butler would then go astray, probably in search of a Taylor Swift concert.

After being cleared by Fred from his bout with dysentery, Rose thought he had turned the corner. He had not.

Rose would be the next to fall victim to the trail.

The Bulls, as they have done the last two seasons, forged ahead and things were off to a good start without Rose and Boozer.

But then disaster would strike.

Nearing the finish, the Bulls would hit a rough patch.

The role players were next to go down.

Butler’s minutes load began to take a toll.

On their final obstacle, Joakim and Jimmy’s trek would end in disaster.

Thibs, never the worse for wear, survived as he does, grinding his way to his destination. Just he, his ox, and some bullets.

Robby Kalland

Robby covers college football for Cox Media and formerly covered the Atlanta Hawks for and SB Nation. He once broke a roulette table in half with Anthony Tolliver and was given a bottle of wine by Johan Petro in the same night.