Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Simply LeBron

Young Emoji is so cool.


LeBron James Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets

This game had LeBron dropping 49 (couldn’t get to 50 cause he choked like always and missed a free throw in the final seconds), a huge three from Christopher Bosh, and all of the dunks.

Even Mario Chalmers was getting in on the action.


Yes, apparently KG and Pierce can still throw it down.



And then there was Christopher Bosh’s big time three.




And then, of course, there was LeBron. He dropped 49 on just 24 shots, taking over the game and giving Celtics fans everywhere depressing flashbacks to Game 6 of the 2013 ECF.

Here’s some phantom cam action.


And here are all of his made field goals.


San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers

After getting their faces beat in for three games, the Blazers decided that it was enough, and got themselves a win last night. It was a close game throughout the first half, with the Blazers clinging to a small lead most of the way.

Both teams played hard were making some nice plays. Like here is a nifty bounce pass by Kawhi Leonard.


They did decide to play rugby for a second, though, and that was a little weird.


And then Damian Lillard decided he had enough, and threw down a nasty one-handed jam. From that point on, it was all Blazers. They took over in the third quarter, extending their lead to 17 at one point.

(h/t @cjzero)



And Nic Batum was a beast in the third quarter, doing stuff like this.

(h/t @outsidethenba)


And this.


LOUDER, #RipCity! on Twitpic


(h/t @trailblazers)


For the first time in this series, it was Tim Duncan looking sad on the bench.


Down 3-1 or not, when you win your first second round game in 14 years, you drop confetti.


Oh, and before we go, apparently Adam Silver has joined Team Money Team.

Jack Maloney