Last night in the NBA Playoffs: It was too hot in Brooklyn for the Heat



Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets

LeBron said, “Are you strong? They said, “I’m strong if you strong.” He said, we strong then.”

Yeah, y'all gonna need more guys to stop him.  on Twitpic

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GIF: Broadcast view of Andray Blatche taking all the steps on Twitpic




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Shaun Livingston at the buzzer! This was a sign of good things to come for the Nets, and apparently the longest shot Livingston has ever made in his whole career. (Just a little fun fact for you there.)

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And then the Nets started firing from three, and everything was going in. Mirza T3l3tovic hit four, Seven Time All-Star Joe Johnson hit five, and the team combined for 15!

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Oh yeah, Jay Z and Queen Bey were there, along with Jake Gyllenhaal?


Anyways, the Nets pulled away late in the third quarter, and held the big advantage the rest of the way, winning 104-90.

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San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers

It was the first second round game in Portland in 14 years, and they were ready.


There wasn’t much to be excited about, however, because the Spurs are just absurd, and beat them by 15, which was the smallest margin of defeat in the series.

Like what are you supposed to do when Kawhi is doing things like this?

The Blazers did have a tifo though, and that was pretty sick.


But tifos don’t win you basketball games, especially when Tony Parker plays like this.


For a nice summary of last night’s game, let’s check in with Nic Batum.


Yep. Looks about right. Sorry Portland.


Happy Mother’s Day, everybody.

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