Pacers vs. Wizards, or, the Death of Offense: A Poem

Wizards vs. Pacers, tonight game three,

Coming to you live from good ole DC.


Heading back to Washington, this one should be fun,

But as soon as it started, we were wishing it were done.


Seventeen all after one, okay that’s a bit slow,

But with John Wall and PG, it should start to flow.


Well not even close, we didn’t get our wish.

Not too often were we hearing that swish.


Thirty-four, thirty-three Indy lead at halftime,

If you paid good money for these tickets, that’s a crime.


The second half? Yeah that wasn’t much better.

Gonna have to send the league a strongly worded letter.


Sixty-three points for the Wizards? That’s embarrassing.

These are the games that fans should be cherishing.


Ninety-two missed shots in total tonight,

They didn’t even shake things up with a fight.


Tonight at the Verizon Center, offense took its last breaths,

Not everything’s able to die a beautiful death