Last night in the NBA Playoffs: The Inevitable Heat-Spurs Rematch Draws Nearer

Well after a few days off because of Final Exams (ha, NERD!), Last Night in the NBA Playoffs is back. But before we get to the games, here is a vine of Kevin Seraphin and his pet snake.

If you’ll recall, Seraphin lost his pet snake, Snakey, last year. Now I don’t remember hearing whether or not he found him, but the snake in this Vine does not look like Snakey, so either Snakey is gone forever, or Seraphin now has two pet snakes. If anyone has information on whether or not Seraphin ever found Snakey, please contact us immediately.

Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets

I know you were all wondering, so yes, Rihanna was in the building last night.


Now, the Nets actually had the lead at halftime last night, and kept it close throughout, thanks in large part to Mirza Teletovic, who drained six threes.

(h/t The Brooklyn Game)

They were not helped, however, by Deron Williams, who went 0-9 from the field, which I’m pretty sure is not good. Remember when D-Will vs. Chris Paul was a real debate we used to have? Those were good times.



In the end it was the Heat, because it’s always the Heat. Even Rashard Lewis was getting in on the action last night.

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(h/t @MiamiHeat)

Plus they have LeBron, and he can do things like this.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers


No, that’s not Kevin Seraphin’s pet snake, Snakey. I wish it was, because that would have been the best story of all time. It was a real snake, though, and it was in Thomas Robinson’s locker last night as the Blazers got ready to play the Sprus.

Hey Wes, how did you feel about that snake?


I don’t know if it was the snake, or maybe these intimidating black signs the Spurs handed out, but the Trail Blazers got curb stomped again, losing by 17.


On second thought, it was probably actually this guy that had the Blazers shook.


Manu was up to his old tricks again, throwing sneaky one-handed bounce passes.


And at halftime we found out that Kawhi Leonard is in fact able to speak, so that was cool.

(h/t Reddit/r/nba)

Portland made a little run in the second half, but it was never in doubt. Just gonna wrap things up by leaving this here.


Jack Maloney