Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Mr. Unreliable? More like Mr. Unstoppable

“Wow dude, you killed it with that headline.”

“Ya thanks man, I know. I hear that all the time.”

Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks

This was awesome. It would be a smart move for the Hawks’ #brand to just move permanently back to these logos.

So those shirts were amazing, but right from the start you could tell something just wasn’t right in Atlanta last night.

(h/t to myself)

And then this happened:


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(h/t SB Nation)

George Hill got in Mike Scott’s face, so Young Emoji was like:


But then this happened and it looked like maybe the Hawks were going to win despite the bad omen of Robby and Bo’s tweets not being synchronized.

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(h/t @cjzero)



And playoff Teague was in full effect, with a little Entertainment 720 spin past a lifeless Roy Hibbert.

GIF: Jeff Teague's spin move was good, but check the wom... on Twitpic

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But of course, Atlanta fulfilled their destiny by letting the game slip away. Now they have to go back to Indiana for Game 7, and Mike Scott and all their fans are like:



Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Everyone was so caught up in the Indiana-Atlanta game that I’m not even sure the first half of this game actually took place. But allegedly it was the Kevin Durant show.

#WellActually, the whole game was the Kevin Durant show.

Plus we found out that Steven Adams is still alive. Sorry, Tony, but that just isn’t happening.

GIF: Steven Adams spikes a shot off the backboard on Twitpic

(h/t @BenGolliver)

Oh yeah, and Russell Westbrook did something pretty cool.

It was all OKC from start to finish, so I’ll let Lil Wayne sum this one up.


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors

In case you were wondering whether this game was amazing or not, here you go.


That, by the way, is the realest tweet ever tweeted. Jordan Crawford is indeed a basketball hero, and it’s time the whole world accepts this truth we hold to be self-evident.


GIF: Jordan Crawford drops Blake Griffin, hits floater on Twitpic

(h/t @Ben Golliver)

I don’t know why you’d want to see anything else from this game, because Steezus highlights are really all you ever need.

So here are full highlights if you want to watch, but you probably should just keep re-watching STEEZUS PUT BLAKE GRIFFIN ON THE GROUND.


Anyways, THREE GAME 7s ON SATURDAY! Hey Ric, how do you feel about that?

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Jack Maloney

  • yes!

    this was horrible…really Durant unstoppable…He shot less than 50%, missed all of his 6 three pointers and continued to have more turnovers than assists…It was the Griz backcourt that shot 4-17 that smoked them, not Durant

    • Jack Maloney

      … He had 36 points (on 48% shooting, by the way, which is extremely good) and grabbed 10 rebounds. What more do you want him to do?

      • Mike B

        You shouldn’t reply that like Jack, the anonymous joker is obviously a basketball expert 🙂