Official Toronto Raptors Drake Lint Roller Shows Up On eBay For Over $50

Do you see any lint on Drake?
Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Toronto Raptors fans attending Game 5 at the Air Canada Centre were not only treated to a Raptors win but also to a Drake/OVO (Drake’s record label October’s Very Own) lint roller. The Toronto Star provides more background on the promotion:

Inspired by Drake’s lint-rolling rituals, the Toronto Raptors now have an official lint-roller promotion heading into Game 5 Wednesday night.

Bounce, a Procter & Gamble company, has come on board as the official lint roller supplier of the Raptors.

They have produced 1,200 limited edition Raptors/OVO rollers that will be distributed after the game to fans in the 416 Zone, in the square and via social media. The tagline: “Bounce, helping keep Raptors and OVO fans lint-free.”



Kudos to the Raptors for thinking outside the box when it comes to fan promotions and currently the Raptors or Bounce have not made the lint rollers available for public sale. If you are a hardcore Raptors/Drake fan that didn’t attend Game 5 or were unable to get a lint roller at the game you are in luck! An enterprising eBay seller named cosmic is selling one lint roller with the current bid at $46 plus $10 for shipping.

The item’s description:

ONE Day Auction! This could be in the mail, on the way to you by tomorrow!!

Limited Edition Toronto Raptors Drake Bounce Lint Roller.  Given out at Game 5 of playoff series.

Brand New!!!
ONLY 1200 lucky fans received one of these limited edition Lint Rollers!! 

These have all the qualities of a great collectors item..  
  • Great story that instigated the giveaway..
  • Involves a famous person, Professional Sports Team.. Playoffs..
  • Even the brand name.. Bounce..  > Basketballs….
  • And of course the very limited quantity.

That’s right you can get just one lint roller for $60.

You can get the very same Bounce lint roller in different packaging from Bed Bath & Beyond for $2!

If you want to bid on the Drake/OVO Raptors lint roller, you only have twenty more hours to bid on it so act fast!

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