NBA Oregon Trail: Count the Ringz with the Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers Oregon Trail Steve Snakebite

It’s #TrailTuesday, which means it’s time to send another NBA team down the Oregon Trail. After the disaster that was the Knicks excursion last week, it was time for the Lakers to take to the trail. The 2013-14 season was one the Lakers’ organization and fans would like to forget, but today was a chance at redemption. Sweet, sweet Oregon Trail redemption.

The #KobeSystem would be put to the ultimate test with Kobe, Swaggy P, Pau, D’Antoni, and Steve Nash trekking across the country. The trip did not get off to a good start.

After a quick detour on day one, the Lakers got rolling and, sparing no expense, took the ferry across the river.

Supplies were plentiful, but the Lakers continually lacked direction.

They looked to the trade market for help, but received none.

With no trade partners, the Lakers were forced into scavenging.

When confronted with the next river crossing, Kobe once again opted for the ferry. This time, to a much more disastrous end.

Things would get worse before they got better.

D’Antoni began to falter under the pressure.

However, when things seemed to be going downhill fast, they got a much needed win over the Grizzlies.

Swaggy P would quickly become the weak link of the group.

The group’s focus would again go wandering.

Kobe started to turn on his teammates.

And finally, Swaggy P would succumb to the rigors of the trail and D’Antoni’s pace.

The rest of the group would forge ahead, Swaggerless, but they would eventually reach their final obstacle.


Eh, close enough.

WE MADE IT! The Lakers earned sweet redemption, proving that with a healthy Kobe, the Lakers are unstoppable.

Next week, we’ll see if we can’t get the Pacers locker room issues fixed on the Trail [SPOILER: hahahaha, no way].

Robby Kalland

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