Last night in the NBA Playoffs: At Least They Were Out There Montaballing

Hey guys, I’m Jack Maloney, the newest member of the HP crew. Throughout the playoffs I’ll be here with all sorts of important .gifs, videos, Vines, pictures, etc.

This is how excited I am to be here, so let’s get into it.

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Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats

So the Heat gave a show of support to the Clippers by taking off their tops with the “Heat” logo and turning their warm-ups inside-out. This was cool.

As you probably heard, the great Dr. Jack Ramsay–one of the game’s greatest teachers and ambassadors–passed away this weekend. Over the years, countless people were influenced by Ramsay, including Heat coach Erik Spolestra. During the game, we were lucky enough to see a great picture of a young Spolestra and Dr. Jack.

As for the game itself, the Heat may have won, but the Bobcats did not go down with a fight and a few flashes of the future.



Last night was the last game ever played by the Bobcats. Farewell, Bobcats. It was an interesting, often disappointing, and occasionally entertaining run. But this is not a time for (Alonzo) mourning, because HORNETS BACK.

Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks

And here we have a fan heckling the Pacers so loudly that he can be heard over the broadcast.

Lol Pacers. Good job, good effort, but the Hawks are our leaders now. Bow down to your new lord, Young Emoji.

Brilliant tweeting from Rem tha gawd.

By the way, I’ve obtained a special edition release of Mike Scott’s shot chart from tonight.



Also, I discovered something when re-watching some tape. Gotta be honest, this seems like it’s against the rules.

mike scott


Hahahahah, Lance Stephenson wedgie! This deserves the pic, .gif and video treatment because it was both #rare and hilarious.

GIF: Lance Stephenson wedgies a dunk, summarizing the Pacers ... on Twitpic

(h/t @cjzero for the .gif and video)

KYL3 KORV3R is in the building, and don’t you forget it.

Also, this is once again relevant. Is Roy Hibbert even still alive?


San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

Awww yeahhhhh. Now this is some #sports.



………………………………………………. Dude. Dejuan Blair… hell you doing?

GIF: Mavericks' DeJuan Blair ejected for kick to the hea... on Twitpic

(h/t @BenGolliver)

Alas, the Mavericks ended up falling just short, but at least they were out there Montaballing.

Jack Maloney