So Long Mike Woodson: A Poem

No playoffs this year for the laughable Knicks,

And now Woodson’s gone, they fired him quick.


Thirty-seven and forty-five, a mark that’s horrible

And Woodson’s coaching job? Man that was deplorable.


Seventeen games worse than last year’s mark,

The Twitter commentary was filled with snark.


Two years ago, he was put into place,

It was just the beginning of the Woodson face.


A long, long year dealing with J.R. and Bargnani,

Frustrating moments, of those there were many.


No playoffs this year at the Garden on Madison Square,

And that’s something Knicks management just couldn’t bear.


And for that reason, Mike Woodson had to go,

As to who will replace him, we don’t quite yet know.


Steve Kerr’s been rumored, that might be the pick.

No matter who it is, it’ll be a show with the Knicks.