Thunder vs. Grizzlies Game 1 Preview Poem

Thunder vs. Grizzlies, a rematch of last year,

Just a few hours now, the time is near.


OKC coming with revenge on their mind.

Memphis of course comes to grit and to grind.


No Westbrook last time, it cost the Thunder dearly.

This go round should be different, I mean that sincerely.


Memphis is better than their seventh seed suggests

But they’ll be just a speed bump in Durant’s title quest.


KD’s been unreal; he’s this year’s MVP,

That’s something that even a blind man could see.


The Grizzlies will have no match for that man,

Defending him’s impossible though—nobody can.


Game one tonight down in OKC

Gonna be crazy loud in Chesapeake Energy.


Durant and Russ, Gasol and Z-Bo.

We’re all ready, c’mon let’s go.