Blake Griffin Dumps Water on Fan (Video)

With just minutes left in Game 1 of the Clippers-Warriors matchup, Blake Griffin fouled out on a loose ball foul as he tried in vain to get an offensive rebound.

It was a tough call on Blake and he was visibly upset as he made his way to the bench. After seeing a replay on the video board, Griffin threw his hands up in disgust, accidentally soaking the fan behind him with water that had previously been in a cup in his right hand.


The guy was understandably upset, something with which Griffin could not be bothered.


  • alex hoehn

    Accidentally? Are you joking I’m not even a warriors fan and anyone with half a clue could tell that was on purpose. You mean to tell me he found the one guy wearing a warriors shirt who clapping cause griffin got fouled out? Get a freaking clue dude

  • This is hilarious…messed up though haha