The Oklahoma City Thunder Have Blocked Memphis Grizzlies Fans From Buying Playoff Tickets

OKC isn’t bluffing about not letting these fans in to Thunder home playoff games against the Memphis Grizzlies. Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

According to Google maps, driving from Memphis to Oklahoma City is about a seven hour drive. A doable drive for Memphis Grizzlies fans who want to head to Chesapeake Energy Arena to support their team face off against the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs. But Grizzlies fans should not try to get tickets through Ticketmaster as the Thunder have blocked ticket sales to all states except for Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska:


Grizzlies fans can buy tickets to the game through StubHub or other third party ticket sites but this is a bold strategic move by the Thunder. Both of these teams have had heated games filled with “friendly” disagreements in the past and it looks like the Thunder are starting things even before the series actually tips off.


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Ananth Pandian

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    Ticket sales were limited to those states well before the Grizz locked up the 7-seed. But why let facts get in the way of a good story.

    • Ananth Pandian

      Good point but still interesting that block is in place.

    • Ncrdbl1

      See Texas is also omitted. Guess if Dallas got the 7 seed they also woudl not be getting tickets.. The state with the longest border with Oklahoma is omitted.

  • speak the truth

    are you a total moron? this is common for almost every NBA team in playoffs.

    • Ananth Pandian

      Really? The Grizzlies, Heat, Hawks, Nets, Pacers and Rockets don’t.

  • MasterBlaster901

    Makes no difference Grizz win in Six!!!!!! #Youhearditherefirst

  • Greg Cobb

    What a bunch of candy asses.

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  • Ncrdbl1

    How is this not a violation of NBA rules? Tickets should be available to the fans of opposing teams.

  • mnyama


  • Mark Tisdale

    St. Louis is allowed, but Memphis or Dallas are not. (Memphis 6+ hours, St. Louis 7+ hours, Dallas 3+ hours)